Why you should choose nilly for your web analytics

Find here all the reasons to show you why you should choose nilly for your web analytics.


Simple yet detailed

We focused on creating a simple and intuitive dashboard that displays all the necessary information you need.

Fully private by design

We do not collect or require any personal data, so you do not need to worry about compliance with any legal regulations.

Compliant with data privacy laws

We are by default compliant with all data protection laws, this includes GDPR, CCPA, PECR, ePR, PIPL.

Designed for fast performance

Our script is tiny and makes sure that your website will have less weight and therefor load faster. Bonus: a positive effect on search engine optimization.

You have full data ownership

All your data completely belongs to you and you are always in transparent control of any part of your data.

Say goodbye to cookie banners

There is no need to implement a distracting cookie banner for your visitors, since we do not collect any personal data.

No more lost visitors

Your users do not have to agree to any tracking and adblockers will no longer hide your visitors. You finally have real insights from all traffic on your website.

Not a faceless conglomerate

There is no company hiding in the background that sells your data and creates detailed profiles to sell you personalized ads.


We have analyzed the most used web analytics and compared them with nilly:

nilly Google Analytics Yandex Metrica Matomo
Privacy by Design
No personal data collected
No cookie banner needed
Compliant with all data privacy laws
Simple and clear dashboard
Adblocker avoidance
Effortless integration
Full data ownership
Script size
≺ 1 kB
132 kB
229 kB
62 kB
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