We offer privacy-first web analytics because we think you should be in full control of your data.


nilly is developed, managed and supported by Gianluca Pirrera (👋) based in Switzerland.

I built nilly completely independently without external capital or financial support. I am not interested in financing or a quick cash-out, but want to offer & grow a profitable service that customers can trust in and do not have to be afraid that a company in the background is selling their data. The legal entity behind nilly is founded and fully owned by me with location in Switzerland (this data is publicly available). To ensure full transparency as an Open Startup all metrics are shared, this includes website visits, generated revenue and trees planted from it as well as our roadmap for the future.

Then who is "we"?

A small team of privacy enthusiasts are here to help with customer support requests, hence the "we".


We believe privacy is a human right.

Ever since working at Wuala in 2011, a swiss secure cloud storage provider, I understood the importance of privacy and sensibility of your data. While working in different web & media agencies over time, I experienced that in almost all websites and web-projects Google Analytics is implemented as a method to learn about website visitors. The problem: while Google offers their analytics service for free, they track, analyze collect and store all personal data and share it with third-parties. So instead of free, you pay with your and your website visitors data.

With nilly, you can have all the benefits from learning about your website visitors without sacrificing your and your visitors privacy. You do not have to implement any annoying cookie notices and/or consent banners and you get all the information you need in a simple yet informative dashboard.

We cover a lot more in our FAQ.


We support our planet and the world we live in.

Just like with privacy, we believe that everyone has the right to good health and a clean environment. This is something that we can only achieve together as the human race and we have to take action now. We want to do our part and commit 1% of our revenue to sustainably protect the nature for all existing and future generations.

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