We support our planet and the world we live in.

Tree Nation

Every year more than 15 billion trees are felled and valuable habitats are permanently destroyed in the process.
This is fatal news that affects us all. We want to do our part to stop this unnecessary deforestation and to sustainably protect nature for all existing and future generations. For this reason we have joined the partner program of Tree Nation - an organization that has set itself the goal of reforesting the worlds forests.
How does it work?
Our approach is simple: we give at least 1% of our revenue directly to Tree Nation, who plant trees in areas that need our support the most. This way, together with our customers, we support the reforestation of forests, but also the preservation of the livelihoods of humans and animals around the globe.
How many trees have been planted?
Thanks to our customers and visitors, we can continuously plant trees and help to support our environment:

Stripe Climate

Remove carbon with every payment.
We are an official Stripe Climate member and - additionally to saving the forests with Tree Nation - contribute another 1% of our revenue to carbon removal. So with every payment you make, we automatically support innovative environmental technologies that remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.
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Server & Hosting

Our servers only use green energy.
The clean energy comes from 100% renewable energy sources such as water, sun, biomass and wind. During production, great care is taken to the surrounding nature, eg. the plants and animals living in that area. This is very important because the increasing use of renewable sources has an impact on living conditions and thus on biodiversity.

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